BP2021 – Visitor information on Covid-19 precautions

Draft 3 – updated 6/10/21. At the time of writing the Government Covid Alert Level applicable to Harrogate is 3

What we’re doing

The potato industry has shown it’s strongly in favour of holding a successful British Potato event. Accordingly, we’re working alongside the venue and exhibitors to deliver a great event with maximum peace of mind for all. This includes:

  • Providing handwashing and sanitiser points around the venue and reminder signage.
  • Minimising touch points and adopting enhanced cleaning regimes. Also providing scannable badges to remove the need for exchange of business cards, product literature etc.
  • Minimising pinch points, including modifying event layout and streamlining procedures that might otherwise lead to congestion – for example promoting pre-registration, directing people to alternative toilet and catering locations.
  • Maximising ventilation and monitoring efficacy.
  • Modifying activities which might otherwise necessitate close contact with limited airflow.
  • Revising catering. Onsite cafés will employ screens, cashless payment and fewer shared self-service items etc.
  • Instructing anyone with symptoms not to attend.
  • Continuously reviewing venue and event Covid Risk Assessments and scientifically endorsed expert guidance.
  • In the absence of a legal mandate, face coverings are not compulsory but participants are free to wear them.

Entry procedures

  • Registration is mandatory as we must maintain a register (including contact details) of everyone onsite. We recommend advance registration as it makes entry quick and easy. However, you can register on the day.
  • In keeping with many other venues and events across the UK, you will need to show a valid Covid Pass to enter.

Background – here’s why this applies and how you can easily get a Covid Pass

  • Scotland and Wales have introduced mandatory inspection of Covid Passes for admission to events of this size. At the time of writing, England has not legally enforced this, however behind-the-scenes significant pressure is being exerted to achieve widespread implementation. Many professional event venues have therefore already enacted Covid Pass requirements regardless of show size and others are preparing for this. The Government has stated that it may enforce it at very short notice.
  • In analysing trial events and scientific studies, the event industry trade association’s (AEO, AEV and ESSA) conclusion is that verifying attendees Covid-19 Status for entry into an event significantly reduces transmission risk. Indeed, they rate it as one of the most important and effective actions.
  • Taking into account:
    • Representations received from exhibitors and visitors.
    • Instructions/requests/‘advice’ received from authorities, insurers, venue etc.
    • Clear scientific consensus that verification of Covid status significantly reduces transmission risk.
    • Our determination to help the Potato Industry to gather and to do so with peace of mind.
    • The Government’s declaration that it may introduce Covid Pass requirements (as already apply elsewhere in the UK) at short notice - which would prove chaotic if not planned for in detail in advance.

    We will be adopting best practice and providing maximum peace of mind by requiring physical inspection of Covid Passes as an entry requirement for BP2021
    A major advance publicity campaign will highlight this and onsite signage and staffing will seek to make it a quick, streamlined process.

  • The event security team will inspect Covid Passes. This applies to EVERYONE and at ALL TIMES.
  • In the event that someone regrettably travels without a Covid Pass, as a last resort, limited onsite, supervised Lateral Flow Testing will be in operation (subject to regulations for a Harrogate-based event continuing to allow this). However, it’s critical to note that this will necessitate at least a c.30-minute delay to admission (and in the event of emergency elsewhere requiring the event medical team, testing availability may be suspended and admission will not be possible).
  • Current eligibility for a Covid Pass is set out below. At the time of writing, in England, it includes completed vaccination course, recent recorded negative Lateral Flow test or proof of past infection in specified time period. For other countries, eligibility varies and may be having completed a course of vaccination.
  • Details of the quick & simple process to obtain a Covid Pass based on where you reside are here:
  • It’s quickest to get it on your phone, but the NHS will also issue written versions. If you get yours on your phone, there are options for email confirmation or for saving the pass on the phone. We recommend these in case mobile signal/data access is restricted on the day.
  • The NHS App used for Covid Passes is NOT the test & trace app and does not ‘ping’ or track contacts etc. The Covid pass is free to obtain and use is likely to become widespread through the coming period.

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